Can I get it right the first time ?

A baby attempts to walk, he crawls to the wall, grabs the support pushes  himself up and there he is standing, his siblings laugh, his parents shed tears. The baby falls on his knees and lands his head to the ground, he cries but doesnt stop and lifts himself again but this time doesnt fall but walks.

He knows its windy and he has to light the candles, he challenges the wind but only half prepared and lights out the candles with one of the only three matchsticks he had, the wind rushes to him and blows away the spark.
He looks down at his matchbox, and two matchsticks in box confirms more attempts, he looks at the wind moving a tree, doesn’t summon the wind this time, he doesnt want to lose this chance and with all his mind and soul lights another one, covers the flame with his both hands, the wind rushes to him again covers him all, brings all the dust and salt but he cannot let it end this time, covers the flame more and burns his hand, the candle is lit, the darkness is gone, now is the time for holy song. He sits down, looks at the flame and asks “couldnt I get it right at the first time?”  The first one was moderate and second one extreme but with only moderate efforts of the second time wouldnt I had got it right in the first time ?